CIS 232: Computer Applications for Business, Fall 2021, Sen

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This class covers common software applications commonly used in business including: word processing (MS Word/Google Docs/LaTex), spreadsheets (MS Excel/Google Sheets), presentations (MS PowerPoint/Google Slides), surveying (Google Forms), vector graphics (Inkscape), databases (MySQL/MS Access), html, and cloud computing basics (Google cloud compute engine).

Electric Pencil, the first word processor for personal computers, was released in 1976 by filmmaker Michael Shrayer.

VisiCalc, the Apple II's killer app released in 1979, was the first spreadsheet program for personal computers.

PowerPoint was released in 1987 by Forethought, a company that later became Microsoft's first major acquisition.

Integrated Data Store (IDS), was the first database management system and was released by GE in 1964.